Benefits of Lowering Your Basement

Benefits of Lowering Your Basement

  • An increase in living space with no increase in property taxes
  • Increased equity in your home
  • Rental income (if desired)
  • A healthy environment; free of mold, mildew and odour
  • Long term energy savings

The cost to lower a basement can vary. There are numerous factors taken into consideration when quoting a basement lowering project.

  • size of the basement
  • depth of excavation
  • type and condition of existing foundation
  • type of soil
  • number of support columns/ I beams
  • relocation of water supply/ sewage lines

It is very important that all relevant information be analyzed by an experienced professional to determine what is occurring. Only then can an effective plan be put into action. Call today to arrange for your free estimate.

Lowering your basement floor is one of the most cost effective methods of increasing the living space within your home. By having the basement lowered, you can gain enough additional height clearance to turn a crawl space into a full basement. This can greatly increase the living space of your home, while still keeping the square footage the same to keep your taxes down. Adding a basement to your house by lowering your basement is also a terrific way to increase the value of your house. When you add the additional living space of a renovated basement, your investment often pays for itself in the increased market value of your home.

By having your basement lowered, you increase the airflow through your house and therefore also decrease the amount of mold and mildew that can accumulate in moist basements. Basements are infamous for the accumulation of mold and mildew that appear due to stagnant air and humidity. By lowering your basement you will increase the amount of airflow through the space, reducing the stagnancy of the air. Having your basement lowered can help you avoid health issues caused by mold, and also increase your property value.