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Underpinning your house can be a great way to improve the value of your home. Underpinning is the effective way to stabilize your home's foundation and allow for increased strength to the home. Within a typical underpinning and basement lowering project, new main drains are supplied and installed, internal waterproofing is provided and your basement now includes a new concrete floor to better allow for suitable basement finishes including radiant floor heating (if so desired). Leaving you with a dry, healthy and safe livable space; dramatically increasing the usability of your basement while increasing the value of your home.

Along with your new living space, you may opt for a new entrance or basement walkout which can be incorporated into your underpinning plans. Our administrative staff will arrange for all required permits for your project. Should you require plans to be drawn up, we work with dedicated engineers that will handle all your planning requirements.

By having your basement lowered and a new entrance put in, you can even open up the opportunity for a basement rental unit. This can help provide an alternate source of income, while also increasing the value of your home. There are many advantages to having your basement lowered, but you must always make sure to use a highly professional basement lowering specialist. Any work with your home's foundation must be completed properly, or you run the risk of future problems with the foundation.

Having a strong and properly finished foundation is crucial for the structural integrity of your home. The foundation is the base of your house, and therefore cannot be ignored. If you do notice any cracks or shifts in your foundation, do not hesitate in calling a foundation repair company. If an unstable foundation is not repaired, it can lead to further damage down the road, which can escalate the cost of repair. Foundation repairs will always represent money well spent. A deteriorating foundation leads to a plethora of other issues because of water migration. In extreme cases this can lead to safety issues - both structural and pertaining to mold and other environmental issues.

Basement mold creates a health risk for your whole family, and once mold takes hold within your house, it is very hard to eradicate it completely. One of the best ways to deal with mold is to be proactive about it. By having your basement lowered before any mold sets in, you greatly reduce the risk of ever getting any mold in the first place. Having your foundation construction done properly when your house is first built is very important, but if you have just bought a new house with an improperly finished basement foundation, you should seriously consider having your basement lowered to help prevent mold build up before it starts.

Houses with foundation problems left unchecked will be difficult to sell down the road and will be reduced in valuation at the time of sale. Many home deals fall apart when home inspection turn up foundation problems.