Are You Tired of Cold Basement Floors?
Home Blog Are You Tired of Cold Basement Floors?

Radiant floor heating is the perfect way to heat a basement. It works by heating the floor to a comfortable temperature, which then, in turn, heats the air. It provides an efficient way to heat the area, while giving you a comfortable floor to walk on. Often, a basement floor can get damp and this can lead to mould and other issues. With an electric heated floor, the surface stays dry, preventing issues caused by a damp floor. Radiant heating in the floor adds incredible resale value to your property, and is the perfect way to heat a new or recently renovated basement.

Even if radiant floor heating isn't for you, there are plenty of other options to make your basement floors more comfortable to walk on. DRIcore flooring is a subfloor solution that raises your flooring up off of the cold concrete of the basement, and adds a layer of insulation under your floor. This raised flooring can make a world of difference in your basement flooring, without the high cost of radiant floor heating.

If the thought of your basement makes you think of a dungeon; a cool damp place with dimly lit rooms where you do not want to spend any time, then you are missing out on the use of a large section of your home. A basement renovation and remodel can add extra space to your home much more economically than an addition. Done right, you can have a warm and inviting living space where people will be happy to gather and linger, extra room for overnight guests, or a dedicated-use space for hobbies, or to use as you please.